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FARMHOUSE CASTA NEA, charming guesthouse.
Castanea is the latin word for chestnut. Legend has it that Casta Nea (Chaste Nea) was a beautiful Nymph courted by Jupiter who chose her vertue rather than the God of Gods by killing herself. In homage, Jupiter transformed her body into a chestnut tree, the thorny burs standing reminder of her painful destiny.

Le Mas Casta Nea is a XVIth century Maison Forte where many legal documents, traites, vidimus between lords and representants of the kings of the times were signed.

The House belonged to the Conte d’Antraigues, but was seized and burnt down at the Revolution. It wasn’t until the XVIII th century that the Blou family restored it into the layout we see now, and used it as the castle’s pigeon house.

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